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If you require help, consider using pre-packaged gluten-free (thus, wheat-free) flour blends until you get the hang of cooking without wheat.There are numerous wheat-free snacks on the market as well.While most cereals do contain some form of wheat, there are some hot and cold cereals available that are wheat-free.As with all products, these cereals may still contain gluten.You can find a wealth of information by reading books about wheat-free living, but if you are in doubt as to whether or not a food contains wheat, avoid it.

The following list of wheat-free foods indicates which foods contain gluten to make it clear.

Even when you're eating foods that should be wheat-free, check labels to be sure no wheat or wheat by-products have been added as a filler or additive.

For example, legumes are wheat-free, but when you buy baked beans, wheat may be an added ingredient. Learning to avoid wheat and wheat products takes knowledge, determination and dedication.

Many deli meats contain wheat or gluten, which makes them unsafe for consumption.

Look for the following brands to make sure your deli meats are safe: There are numerous types of canned goods available in your grocery store that do not contain any wheat.

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You can find everything from canned meat to canned sauces, fruits, and vegetables.

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